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your hair is not long like theirs so what! maybe you don’t even dress like them so what! stand out always impress yourself in the mirror not others because if you live to impress them you will leave out your real and true self not ever knowing who really cares about you just for being you; so they don’t like you so what!



cropped-10390169_1411032872511589_8677043547795545227_n1.jpg I cry but their are no tears, my mouth moves but not a single word comes out. in your time of need i am always around but when my turn comes you are never to be found. i see why love is blind when u can lie rite into my eyes.

Playful and joyful but oh how i could say a mouthful! while she keeps you smiling and and you think your relaxing but in reality you are not even grateful! So i pretend everything is alright while i try my best to beat this fight. even with your eyes open sometimes you cant see at night. I loved u till the bitter end hell i still loved u even then Even through all the pain i stand and remain tuff with all this stuff on my chest just trying to maintain.

Appreciate the good and bad!


Have you ever had everything go wrong at all the wrong times. well let me tell y’all be great full for those hard times because in those times real friends and those who really care will be revealed letting you know who to keep in your life and who is not fit for us. I mean if everything was always good for us how would we be able to eliminate whats bad for us? Just wanted to say to those going through anything rite now  lets just be thankful for those moments because in those times we can determine who our true friends are!

Nobody can steal your joy!


Hey my loves just wanted to tell y’all that you all are loved no matter what, I know that it is about to start getting hot which means that a lot of fire will follow people around throughout the day making them become more agitated, angry, and just crazy! Yea i said it, hot weather in a lot of areas brings drama so with that being said i want you all to take a woos-ah and relax that mind let no names no matter what it is you are being called today, tomorrow, or in the future ever take you out of your character remember misery loves company so surround yourselves around beauty and brains everyday all day and just pray away those demons love you all stay blessed!